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Quarantine - No. 1

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

What We're Listening to in Time of Quarantine - No. 1

When Newburgh Chamber Music selected its 2020 theme, “Turning Points,” and I wrote my season brochure message, little did any of us realize what turning points lay ahead. My thoughts then - “Music provides magical and inexpressible moments that can cause us to think in new ways” - seem more prescient than I could have imagined. The quote I used from the 103-year-old woman who had run a 100 - meter dash, “Look for magic moments,” seems like perfect advice for now.

In that spirit, the board has decided we would like to stay as helpful and musically engaged with you, our audience, as we can during this turbulent time. The board members and I will send you

“What We’ve Been Watching During the Quarantine”

ideas. We start with this beautiful and moving composition by Edward Elgar, suggested by our newest board member, Warren Cahill. It is performed by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, who are “wishing health and care to the people of Alberta, and to people around the world.”

Quarantine 2020 Project: Elgar – “Nimrod":

As far as upcoming concert plans, we are tentatively planning an early November concert, which would be the rescheduled American String Quartet program with poet Tom Sleigh, entitled “War and Healing.” We will keep you updated on any summer plans we have.

Remember that many of our featured artists have performances on their websites. Board member Roberta Warfield reminds me that Jay Ungar and Molly Mason have a Facebook page where you can hear weekly streaming performances. Please feel free to send us your suggestions and thoughts at

Stay well and be safe!

Carole Cowan

Director and President of #NewburghChamberMusic

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